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Sunday, May 30, 2010

SepsiS! - Demo (2010)

Group Sepsis! (RUS) appeared only recently and so far it has more low stocks of finished material.
theme songs: sore discussion of social problems, poverty, poverty, hunger, neglect of man to the world around them and nature, to like themselves.
The name "Sepsis" means decay, blood poisoning, is not chosen by chance, it reflects our vision of modern society and the world, public relations in major industrial cities generate an imbalance in the human soul. Despite the crowds of people, many people feel lonely and worthless, some themselves tiring of the endless hustle and withdraws into himself, grows and becomes more frequent the number of suicides.
In the villages and provinces, and indeed in parts of the world neurbanizirovannyh parasite idleness and alcoholism, all tend to zasasyvyuschuyu cesspool of urban slums in search of happiness, but often they become even more problems, loneliness, hopelessness and lack of assistance from society, where everyone cannibal.
Serial killers grow up in families where they were ridiculed as a child's parents, unable to cope with its internal problems: alcoholism, cruelty due to poor economic conditions of existence, and even pedophilia simply, cases which progressively become more frequent every year.
Society eats itself gradually in the throes of a biting coughing blood of his illness, which destroys nature and the entire Earth.
The disease is progressive, and while most of the sites on our planet suffocates in poverty, some pyshut abundance, sucking the last of the first nutritional juices, all are reminiscent of the tumor, leading humanity to an inevitable end ...

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